Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Planet Web IT Services' team of mobile app development experts are experts and highly talented. We design and develop all types of mobile apps, including iOS and Android, to suit your business and end-user needs.

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Achieve business goals with mobile app development

Mobile app development focuses on creating intuitive and accessible apps. In addition, mobile apps are leveraged to provide users with a multi-channel and omni-channel experience. Our mobile app development has many advanced features that provide the best user experience.

Target Potential Users
A truly effective user-centric approach based on knowing your target audience. When you sell a product or provide a service, you need to know who your target audience is.
Deliver High Performance
One of the biggest predictors of mobile app success is its performance. This is one of the factors in mobile app quality that is related to how your app behaves at a particular load size.
Push Quick Updates
Frequently upgrade targets with performance issues. The updated app fixes all non-security bugs and makes it less likely to crash. This will make it stand out from the crowd.
Increase Brand Exposure
Sending thoughtful, relevant, and appropriate notifications to your users will increase your brand's exposure. This helps to retarget and retarget users.
Bring Trust & Loyalty
Built-in security and scalability features handle more and more requests efficiently. Above all, it strengthens the trust and loyalty of app users. It also takes care of your ability to maintain the app.
Ensure Delightful Experience
Redefine how to connect strongly with prospects. Your business feels more real to your users. A unique and engaging user experience is enough to help them in some way.

Why choose Planet Web IT Services to create mobile applications for your business?

Planet Web IT Services is an innovative web and mobile app development agency based in India. With our passion to support small businesses, we have become a full-service strategic development and marketing company, developing online solutions for organizations across all business areas.

Create a functional application that is intuitive and easy to use

In the e-commerce business, applications help add value in terms of long-term customer relationships. After all, the only goal of mobile applications is to make life easier for customers.

Planet Web IT Services mobile app development works in two ways to create great mobile apps. Develop a native mobile app for each platform, or create a single cross-platform mobile app that is supported across multiple platforms.

Our highly skilled, regressive and hard-working team provides our customers with many applications. Also, there are no restrictions. We work in a variety of industries, including food, grocery, clothing and booking markets.

Clients trust our proven expertise,
we’re a top certified developer

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mobile app development

Although many open-source tools and technologies are for web development such as LAMP (Linux,
Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, WYSIWYG editors, CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress,
Microsoft Visual Studio. But you still require the professional knowledge and expertise of HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, and should also know some basic programming languages to work with.

Android App Development

The choice of development approach is subjective and requires consideration of the required user experience, resources, app capabilities, and project timeline. No programming experience is required to start creating your own. We are a team of leading full stack Android developers with extensive hands-on experience with Android app development tools and frameworks. Build native Android applications in Kotlin and the Java language. Apart from that, Dart and React Native is also used to develop Android apps.

IOS App Development

We have realized the idea and created many iOS apps. Our team follows industry standard practices in the iOS app development process. When it comes to creating innovation, iOS has always played a key role in fostering dynamic and inspiring ideas in the development process. Create separate framework-dependent software that relies on different sets of web and mobile technologies to provide world-class functionality. Native iOS applications are based on Objective C and Swift. Flutter and React Native are also used to develop iOS apps.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Software companies in the market offer endless possibilities for developing applications for mobile phones. The reason behind cross-platform app development is that a single application works on multiple platforms. Through cross-platform app development, we not only provide first-class functionality, but also save time and money during implementation for both our customers and developers. Flutter and React Native are the most popular programming languages. These are used to transpile a single code base to their respective native apps such as iOS and Android.

Web App Development

We have an experienced mobile web app development team dedicated to delivering responsive mobile websites and apps with a user-friendly experience.Web application development is the creation of an application program that resides on a remote server and is delivered to a user's device over the Internet. You don't need to download a web application (web app), instead access it over the network.

Mobile App Design

We recognize the significance of consumer enjoy and consumer interface in app layout. Our UI/UX designers strictly observe the layout hints via way of means of Apple and Google to create visually attractive apps with out hampering their functionality.

iPad App Development

With a deep understanding and expertise in native iPad app development services, our top app developers create the best iPad apps that add value to your business and your users' lives.

We deal in top technologies to bring
maximum value to your business.

Many open source mobile app development tools and technologies such as Java (Linux,
Apache, MySQL, PHP), C ++, Swift, HTML5, Flutter. But you still have the expertise you
need to be familiar with React Native, Ionic, NativeScript and also know some basic
programming languages Cooperate with.

React Native