Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Planet Web IT Services, a blockchain development agency, offers something even more unique. "Network Marketing Blockchain", a whole new way to stabilize your system with unlimited members. We offer a blockchain multi-level marketing business package with advanced and premium features to improve your business.

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Leveraging years of expertise and an insightful approach, Planet web IT Services
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Planet Web IT Services provides a comprehensive blockchain solution from blockchain realization
to enterprise solution prototyping, consulting, testing and implementation.

Blockchain-based transactions are more secure than other recording systems. Transactions must be agreed before they can be recorded. When this is done, the transaction is encrypted and linked to the previous transaction.
If you work in a complex supply chain, you know how difficult it is to trace a product back to its origins. Recording merchandise exchanges using the blockchain platform provides an audit trail showing the origin of the merchandise and all stops along the way.
Speedy And Efficient
Blockchain is a remittance repository, but it doesn't have to be just digital assets. Records all value (data transfers) transfers. And this opens up many new possibilities, especially when pushing the limits of speed and scalability.
Blockchain allows all network participants to share the same document instead of individual copies. The shared version can only be updated by consensus. That is, everyone needs to agree. With minimal changes, all subsequent records should be modified to be transparent.
Decentralized structure
Blockchain is only valuable if there is no central player to enable trust. Therefore, blockchain not only enables trust when participants do not trust each other because they do not know each other, but also data sharing within the business ecosystem where a single entity is not solely responsible. Also enables.
Individual control of data
According to experts, blockchain gives unprecedented personal control over your digital data. “In a world where data is an invaluable asset, technology gives you control over your data while protecting it.

Why should I care about blockchain development?

Blockchain is more than just technology. This is a technological manifestation of the social paradigm shift from centralization to decentralization, from isolation to openness, and from control to self-execution. Blockchain is more than just technology, not to mention databases. It represents an opportunity to change the way we do business. Open silos and enable new ways to collaborate with customers and other companies.

Benefits of Blockchain Development

Blockchain is the next "big thing" in the IT industry that will revolutionize all key aspects. Blockchain technology allows you to perform tamper-proof, reliable and secure transactions. Originally developed to support trading Bitcoin digital currencies. This technology not only prevents the data in these blocks from being altered or altered, but also eliminates the need for intermediaries such as financial institutions and banks. With the goal of storing transactions more securely and reliably, managed blockchain has the potential to transform the way businesses operate.

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One of the best ways to get started with Planet Web IT Services to overcome the challenges
that arise in the world of network marketing. If you have your own blockchain developer, you may
be able to create your own ecosystem using new cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, wallets, supply
chains, proof of existence (POE), dApp development and more. And transparency isn't what you're
looking for, we also have a solution to it.

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Executing reliable, secure, tamper-proof transactions Blockchain technology helps execute reliable, secure,
tamper-proof transactions. Originally developed to support Bitcoin digital currency transactions and prevent
data changes in these blocks, managed blockchain technology also eliminates the need for intermediaries such as
financial institutions and banks. .. With the goal of storing transactions more securely and reliably, blockchain has
the potential to transform the way business works.

ICO Development

ICO development uses blockchain platforms such as Ethereum to develop tokens. This enables ICO token development with minimal code changes. Once the ICO is set, tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

Wallets And Exchange Apps

If you store Bitcoin in a wallet managed by an exchange such as Coinbase, that exchange actually holds the private key. In other words, it's like an exchange that stores your Bitcoin in its own wallet and gives you access through your account.

Supply Chain Blockchain

Blockchain can provide access to the same information for all parties in a particular supply chain, reducing communication or data delivery errors. You can spend less time validating your data and more time delivering goods and services. Improving quality, reducing costs, or both.

Hyperledger Fabric Development

Hyperledger Fabric is a modular blockchain framework that serves as the foundation for building blockchain-based products, solutions, and applications using plug-and-play components intended for private enterprise use. To do.

Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain, a secure and immutable decentralized ledger that tracks transactions. These transactions are performed peer-to-peer over the blockchain. B. Instead, a bank that enables efficient implementation.

Ethereum, Bitcoin, LTC

Litecoin was originally developed as a low cost alternative to Bitcoin. It uses the same functionality as Bitcoin, but with lower transaction fees and less resources required by miners. Ethereum, on the other hand, focuses on smart contracts and the transfer of ownership of assets.

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The impact of using blockchain has been observed around the world. All major sectors
such as consumers, government, private sector and local government are experiencing
blockchain of business processes at some point.

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